Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Personal fabrication

The computer and internet revolution have had such a tremendous impact precisely because they allow a large number of people to be involved directly in the creative process of programming, manipulating and design of bits.
In the coming years we will see a parallel revolution in the ability of a large number of people to be involved in the creative process of designing,manipulating and building with atoms.
The FAB special interest group (SIG) hosted by the MIT Media Lab consists of a group of companies and research groups at the MIT Media Lab passionately working together to create and understand the implications of tools for personal fabrication.
FAB SIG has two basic goals. The first is to involve sponsor members in learning new fabrication techniques from CAD tools to 3D Printing to Laser cutting to vacuum forming to AFM assemblers to involve them with the latest developments in rapid and desktop fabrication. The second goal is to explore the future of the desktop fab. What does the future look like if each school on the planet or each person has a personal desktop fabricator?
FAB SIG is run to coincide with the final presentations for a course which we run entitled: HOW TO MAKE ALMOST ANYTHING.


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50 facts that should change the world

50 Facts that Should Change the World has a simple aim: to make people think twice about the world in which they live. Jessica Williams provides an
unashamedly popular but serious, original and angry survey of life on planet
Earth - and a powerful tonic to the idea that individuals can do nothing to
change it.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Explosive growth in New Age Religions

New research shows that new age religions have grown explosively over the last 15 years. Today every fourth of Denmarks 130 new religious groups is inspired by new age, that among others is recognized by the belief in karma, re-incarnation and eternal development of the soul. New age is by far the largest group of new religions in Denmark.

Religion researcher Rene Dybdal Pedersen, who is affiliated with the Danish Pluralism-project at Aarhus University, has just counted the new religious groups and according to him, there is a boom in the loosely organized small groups and networks within new age, where the members can freely choose to join or leave.

First published on the web 8. marts 2006 kl. 00:00 by Kristeligt Dagblad, Anne Korsholm.

Thor, Odin and Freja thundering forwards

First published on the web 21. januar 2006 kl. 00:00, by Kristeligt Dagblad, Anne Korsholm

It all started with 3 worshippers of Odin and Thor that found each other on Amager (Island on which parts of Copenhagen lies, red). And the last 15 years the practitioning of the asa-faith has grown significantly, so today there are 30-40 groups of “heatners” as the asa-believers call themselves.

In a couple of years more than 30 new groups of asa-believers have appeared, shows new research from Aarhus University. “New groups are created all the time and I don’t think the heatheners have reached the top yet in Denmark says Rene Dybdal Pedersen, PhD Aarhus University DK and author of a new book. “ In service of the light – new religious and spiritual groups in Denmark”.

(asa is the old Scandinavian word for god, red.)
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