Friday, June 17, 2011


The long tail of the creative economy swept over Utrecht in the Pentecostal weekend. Both House aan de Werf and Fabrique had set-up market and shops to sell crafted, small-scale, creative even at times artistic goods. The coming-up of the creative market as a place to hang-out in the Whit break. And maybe to buy something, get access to something rare and special that not many other people have, meet the artist, meet the web-shop owner who's otherwise hidden behind the screen.

Huis aan de Werf market, weekend winkel/shop; 10,11,12 June 2011 (whit sunday and monday)
The market here felt more like a carefully curated exhibition. The choice of artists and craftsmen was complimentary in an interesting way and with a contemporary expression of spontaneity and fragility in sketches and a sort of  scavenged or re-purposed materials. A high note of DIY both in expression but also in the emerging 3D printing techniques as with the vases by Joris van Tubergen.
1€perminute design by Joris van Tubergen

1€perminute design by Joris van Tubergen

De Hippe Markt in the Gifpark, Utrecht, organized by Fabrique. A market for 55 creative webshops, where young designers and webshops that source special brands can present their products. A much more family oriented event, probably also as it was situated in the childrens playground of the Gifpark. This seemed more like a typical market, you-pay-for-a-stand, you-get-to-expose, looked like nothing had been curated here, maybe except for trying to group similar stands closer to each other. The level of artisanship was lower, yet there was creativity in how some sellers have re-purposed t-shirts etcetc, but all immediately done in quite vast quantities, which makes it seem less special. Items for sale where also more regular every-day items like hats, t-shits and interior accessories.

Interesting to see the coming-up of the creative markets also in Utrecht, it made me think there must be loads of these little Crafters all around me, also just in my neighborhood. Such a pity that there is not more visibility of this when you walk through the streets. and I would be curious to hear if and how these people can make a living of their creative products.
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