Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free the world...? with Free hugs?

I was lucky enough to get to spend one weekend in HK as I was there for work. So as any good HK citizen I set-out for my mega shopping-trip on saturday (not necessarily to buy anything) after a while and for sure if you are alone, something like that can start to feel quite shallow, plain empty. and lonely. So I was greatly surprised when I turned the corner to the Times Square and I encountered the Free hugs campaign in action. Right there. I had never seen the free hugs before.
well as I just explained I was somewhat in need for a hug, and went right up-there to get one!Free Hugs feel good! even though they are given by a stranger you can instantly feel the warmth and kindness beaming at you. I think in the West, some countries more than others, hugs are a pretty normal way of greeting, at least amongst friends and family. In Asia though you see less hugs generally speaking, so that made it even more special to get a hug on Times Square by a HongKong citizen, me being a complete stranger.
Later I got to know that Free Hugs is a non-commercial, non-religious initiatives, started to simply make the world a better place. That feels good.
Free hugs

Free hugs
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