Friday, August 11, 2006

Will the 60+ be the new trend-setters and inspirators for the young generation soon?

Just 3 months ago 68 year old Jane Fonda has been contracted to be the face of the new anti-wrinkle cream of L'Oreal. Just about at the same time Diane Keaton 60 years old has also been contracted to represent a similar type of product, just one month ago it was announced that Sophia Loren aged 71 will pose in the next edition of the exclusive Italian Pirelli calender where the models are usually nude. It seems that some companies are finally starting to talk to the 50+ generation directly through their own generational celebrities.

And of course it helps that these celebrities still look very good.

The 60+ will certainly become more and more dominating in society just because of sheer numbers. Many of them have quite a lot of money to spend, their needs and values are different to younger generations, so we are likely to see many new products and services popping up targeted to this generation.

What is also interesting to note is that many people in that generation may have a more modern or liberal view of the world than today’s young generation. This phenomenon has been quoted saffism named after Edinas daughter Saffy from Absolutely Fabulous. Edina, the mother is wild and seems to never grown up, Saffy is serious, moralistic and health-conscious, disapproving of the rebellious teenage behavior of her mother who's irresponsible, getting drunk, taking drugs and doing illegal things.
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