Sunday, October 2, 2011

doing good every day

Doing good can be really easy, a part of your daily ritual even, like going to the supermarket. And the gesture of giving can be really barely noticeable.

My supermarket has admitted access to a couple of institutions that have set-up collects right next to the bottle returning machine. Instead of holding on to the little receipt that the machine gives you, you can insert it into the collects. It's quite effective, because usually the amount of money on the receipt is small, and it sort of makes you feel guilty to hold onto it. So it sort of comes natural to donate it.

Also the supermarket (Dutch) always has some sort of stickers or loyalty-points you can collect. For the moment with enough stickers you can earn a little box full of groceries. Already last year (they do this action at least once a year) I gave my box to the Homeless seller of Streetnews, I just felt that I didn't need it. I have enough. So this year the supermarket has actually organized a central box where all of us that feel we don't need this extra groceries can put our stickers in. directly. Goes to the Homeless people of the Tussenvoorziening.

I think it's a great initiative! That a supermarket would be so engaged in the local community and it's employees so empathic that they care about those that have less. This is charity made easy. I'm sort of giving something away that I don't really have in the first place.

Also outside the supermarket there are bins to collect shoes and clothes for recycling, I guess that part is a little bit more traditional charity.

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