Thursday, April 14, 2011

Village Coffee

Coffee-bar 2.0? This feels more like a living-room, than a coffee bar. This is a lifestyle not a cup of coffee. It all starts with the owners who are extremely friendly and immediately make you feel welcome and at home.

There is an air of industrial heritage to the place. The floor is a hard grey resin floor and most walls are stark white and frame parts that have been left untouched, they almost become a decorative canvas in their own right. Celebration of roughness and imperfect decay.

The interior is an eclectic mix, carefully styled to recall the feeling of homeliness in the atmosphere of 50's and 60's feel good vintage. couches and arm-chairs seem to be coming from grand-fathers living room. Chairs, tables and lighting fixtures from an abandoned factory. The coffee-bar itself is made of up-cycled gym-floor wood panels. an occasional stuffed owl, fit the feeling of grandfathers living-room.

This is combined with an interesting mix of local art on the walls, there is not much common thread (no collections or series), each piece however seems to hide a gentle message. and then there is the music; always on Indie, occasional DJ'ing and sale of vinyl. More vintage on sale i.e. vintage school note-books. and there is Village Coffee merchandising like t-shirts and not-to-forget the perfect coffee to take home together with the perfect coffee equipment.

At the village coffee of course you get the best coffee in town. The two owners are extremely passionate about coffee, and run their own import of soft-burned beans that makes the coffee taste special; less bitter and it calls out aromas that are more flowery and chocolatey notes.

If Voorstraat is a Village, then this is our hang-out!

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