Friday, March 2, 2012

colour contamination

Mold and stains where always dreaded signs of decomposition, decay and filth. Something to be ashamed of. But now artists and designers are starting to celebrate these imperfections, they recreate them and shape them through processes of creative alchemy, where the random act of something that resembles the living organism of bacteria is replicated.

The dip-bag by Creatuals and Mycaro is trying to capture the emotion of a moment and capture it into the random color contamination that happens when a white piece of cloth is dipped into pigments.
Dip-bag by Creatuals and Mycaro

Dip-bag by Creatuals and Mycaro

Pop-up store for Dip-bag by Creatuals and Mycaro

Also Lizan Freijsen is fascinated by the beauty of the mold and stains, it has been central to her artistic work for many years. Recently she has turned this into carpets of lichen that we could all have on the floor in our living-room. It looks so organic that you easily start to imagine that it would still be growing once installed in your living-room.

Lizan Freisen Korstmos carpet @ Objekt Rotterdam

Lizan Freisen Korstmos carpet @ Objekt Rotterdam

In this techno-crafted self-painting dress by Anouk Wipdrecht, it is as if a uncontrolled lab is letting it's liquids go over the dress, contaminating it with color. the moving liquids pigments taints the dress with a sensual, growing, organic pattern.
self-painting dress by Anouk Wipdrecht

self-painting dress by Anouk Wipdrecht

even hair now gets contaminated by color, just look at Lady Gaga's dip-colored hair
(Grammy awards 2010)
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The chromatic dissolving or fading from one color to another is now also entering interior design. The contamination has become gradations or fadings but still has a flavor of poison in it due to the stingy fluo.
The collection by Scholtens and Baaijings for Pastoe presented at IMM

Production Woontrend and EH&I

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