Sunday, April 1, 2012

Etsy Showroom

The most fun shopping experience on saturday 30th of March in Utrecht, was definitely the Etsy marketplace in De Ruimte de Echt Waar Bazaar. It was the first time that Etsy organized a showroom in the Netherlands. It was impressive to see so many Etsy sellers with the real deal in the real world, because of course in the end it's always better to see and touch, than only watch from a screen. The long tail economy or peer-to-peer sales seems to be gaining momentum . So many people seem to find it rewarding to make stuff themselves, and perhaps also making decent revenues. However about the latter I still wonder. For the buyer it's all about uniqueness, having something special that nobody else has.
Etsy Showroom, Echt Waar Bazaar, de Ruimte, Utrecht

Etsy Showroom, Echt Waar Bazaar, De Ruimte, Utrecht
I'm pretty sure that in the long term the retail landscape is bound to change due to the fact that we actually don't need that reseller anymore. How are the retailers going to compete with this? The online world has a wider offer, is free from buyers blocking interesting (and perhaps risky) new offers, the variety and uniqueness is bigger and business is often more fair. It's clear where the money goes, no board, stakeholders of logistics system that need their share of the profit.
Some Etsy sellers though still need to become more professional in their craft. Being a craft person myself I sometimes wish quality was better.

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