Sunday, July 1, 2012

More Pop-up

Following up on my previous post "pop-up galleries in vacant space" here are a couple more. It's great to see that not all retail space is turning into Outlet Stores during the crisis but that also young and upcoming creative talent gets a chance to rent or borrow vacant space. Curious to see what the city is going to look like come Autumn. Everybody, please send me a line if you see more popping-up in Utrecht (or Amsterdam) on the Nobelstraat

Probably the most popped-up typography on the windows so far. Splashed on hand-drawn type, red paint directly on the windows. This looks really improvised, also the inside looks relatively improvised and the style is truly Popped. This is an online fashion-shop (not a gallery) testing the waters in the real world of brick and mortar retail. They can stay for a limited amount of time in this former take-away (read my previous post on Stamppot-to-go here)

DepARTmentstore at Springweg
the temporary art- and lifestyle shop DepARTmentstore had closed it's doors by the time I arrived, probably the reason it looked a bit empty, empty shelves say enough. Around christmas they had a space on the Plompetorengracht in the CBKU  (read my post here on Affordable Art) this time around the approach seems more stylized, less  abundant and crazy. What's left to see is furniture, plump in proportion a mix between 50's retro and country-style. The country zest really comes through in the proportion and simplicity of the pieces. It's spiced up with some colour-ful and semi-abstract paintings. This style is not immediately recognizable as pop-up it looks more like a regular gallery, the other pop-ups that I have been visiting have an energy and vibe to them that I'm missing here (perhaps because I was too late....) Looking forward to the next one, please let me know when and where!

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  1. Hi Hanne!

    I found a picture of a pair of beautiful mittens with The Great Wave-pattern on them, that I understand you have made? Is there perhaps any chance that you could make another pair and sell them to me? If so, please email me on!


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