Sunday, June 8, 2008

The story about the golden Hunkemuller bikini and the influence of the neo-conservative religious parties

 One would think that with all the bubbling (Dutchlish) ladies in very little clothes that you can see around the clock on MTV and TMF, that a billboard advertising of a lady dressed up in a golden bikini would make anybody lie awake at night. But no, when Hunkemuller put their shot for their golden bikini billboard size on the facade in one of the busiest shopping streets in Utrecht(see pic), the Christian Union (they are a small party that glues the current government together) tried to get it banned via the city-council.

Of course this got a lot of media coverage I guess many people just find it hard to understand why this is wrong but nobody seem to be doing much to interfere with Porno-parties, Sex-for-a-breezer and the already mentioned R&B bikini-ladies.
Now this weekend there was a piece in the newspaper about that one should make a clear distinction between public opinion and governmental influence. So the Hunkemuller is a clear example of the Christian Union using their influence in government to impose on the rest of us (representing the public opinion) their ultra-conservative world-views. Particularly defending these when they threaten to saw demise in the good old institute the family.

All of that for a golden bikini, I think Hunkemuller must have been happy with the extra attention and PR. Golden bikinis probably sold beyond expectations.

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